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Los Angeles Criminal Appeals Lawyer

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We know things don't always go the way you expect during your jury trial and wrong trial court decisions often occur in court. You lost your jury trial and now you need to try and overturn that conviction.

Los Angeles Criminal Appeals Attorney Pat Andreoni will go thru your trial transcripts with a fine tooth comb and will look for legal errors such as whether (1) the Judge excluded important defense evidence, (2) the Judge gave incorrect instructions to the jury, (3) Sentencing errors, (4) Constitutional Violations, (5) Abuse of Discretion by the Judge, as wells as mistakes made by either the prosecutor or defense lawyer.




Did you have a criminal defense lawyer that was ineffective?

Did the prosecutor exclude jurors for any improper reason such as race or gender?

Did the prosecutor withheld exculpatory evidence?

Time is critical because you only have 60 calendar days to file a notice of appeal so time is of the essence.

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Federal Habeus Corpus

Our Appeals Lawyers also handle federal cases as well. Attorney Pat Andreoni also does federal habeas corpus (28 U.S.C. 2255 and 2254) which is federal review of criminal convictions where the defendant has lost in his state appeals. All state remedies must be exhausted, e.g. that all issues were raised in state Supreme Court. Under AEDPA, such Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus must be filed within one year of denial of Petition for Review or time in which Pet. for Certiorari could be filed, adding an additional 90 days.

Federal habeas corpus is raised in the Federal District Court for the region of conviction. If defendant's claim for habeas relief is denied in federal district court, a Certificate of Appealability is required in order to appeal this decision in the 9th Circuit.

You need a skilled appellate lawyer to spot these issues for you. That is why you should hire Appellate attorney Pat Andreoni to help you with your criminal appeal, or writ of habeus corpus.

Ms. Andreoni knows how to spot issues and has been a successful criminal appeals lawyers for the past 20 years. She has been attorney of record on over 450 appellate cases filed before the California Court of Appeals and the California Supreme Court. Her successful record includes getting cases overturned, partial reversals and new sentencing hearings resulting in less time. Some of her significant wins include complete reversals resulting in clients being released from Jail. Put Ms. Andreoni's expertise in handling appeals to work for you.

Her successful winning appeals record include:

(Partial List)

People v. Lennie Darrold Sims (1994) B066893. Ms. Andreoni got the case reversed on appeal thru a published, but later depub’d. Ms. Andreoni did the retrial and got her client acquitted.

People v. Amaya (2004) B170421, partial reversal

People v. Crank (2006) E037865 Partial reversal

People v. Moreno (2002) E030708 People’s appeal, Judgment affirmed in favor of client.

People v. Phillip Hooker (2000) E024841, Reversed and Remanded

People v. Robert Stevenson (2000) E023026/E025528/S0886650, Pet for Review granted;

matter remanded to Court of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District, Div. Two, with orders

to vacate its opinion and to order an Order to Show Cause.

People v. Arklin (1997) BR36775, misdemeanor appeal, judgement reversed.

People v. Ordonez (1997) E017309, reversed in part

People v. Harrison (1993) E009078, complete reversal. On retrial, I obtained an acquittal.

People v. Musallam (1995) B088267, Judgment vacated and remanded with direction.

Writ of Habeas Corpus granted.

In re Richard Mejia, B088058, Habeas Corpus, OSC granted

People v. Dillard (1995) B07663, Reversed in part

In re Glass (1994) E013463 Habeas Corpus, OSC granted

People v. Mario G. B066869, Judgement reversed and remanded; Pet. For Writ of Habeas

Corpus dismissed as moot. Case dismissed in Superior Court; not retried.

.Published cases include:

People v. Stone (2004) 123 Cal.App.3d 153

People v. Zeghtchanian (1998) B104777, published, then depub’d

People v. Aubrey (1998) 65 Cal.App.4th 279 (re Penal Code section 667).