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If you have an outstanding bench warrant for your arrest, you need to consult with a Los Angeles Bench Warrant Criminal Defense Attorney for a free consultation right now because everything you do today can help your case get resolved favorably for you.




What is a bench warrant?

A bench warrant is a warrant for your arrest issued by a court. Often times, it is a result of failing to appear in court, violating probation, not paying a fine by a due date and failing to comply with a court order. Sometimes its a result of not filing proof of enrollment or proof of completion as well.

What is the consequences of a bench warrant?

You could end up in jail. If you get pulled over police, you may get arrested. In general, if the bail is set at $26,000.00 or more, the police have to arrest you and take you into custody. Below that amount, you may still be arrested but it is often discretionary with the police officer. Thus if the bench warrant dollar amount is $500.00, the officer will most likely give you a citation to appear in court. If the dollar amount is very high, the officer will likely handcuff you and you would be taken to the court.

Time is of the essence.

Many judges will consider jail alternatives when you come in with a lawyer. Courts are more inclined to not give you jail if you come in on your own as opposed to the police finding you.

If you wait until you are arrested, most judges are often irritated that they had to come and get you to come to court. At that point, it is doubtful anyting you say would be given consideration.

In one court, the person was arrested and brought before the judge. He did not have a private lawyer. The judge asked why he had not come in and he said he did not have a ride. The Judge asked if he worked and he said every day. The Judge then said if could get to work, he could get to court and sentenced him to jail time accordingly. Thus, you can see of the importance of trying to resolve these matters promptly with a lawyer and to come in to recall the warrant before you are arrested for it. You stand a greater chance of leniency and jail alternatives.

We recently resolved a 7 year old warrant in Glendale. The public defender thought the judge would give the client 180 days in the Los Angeles county jail. After meeting with the judge and the prosecutor, we agreed to resolve the case for no jail.

I didn't know there was a warrant for my arrest. The warrant was issued a long time ago and I was never given notice. Is there any hope?

Yes. If the DA submitted a case for filing and you were never given notice of the court date, there may be a speedy trial violation where a criminal defense attorney might be able to get your entire case dismissed.

We recently got a warrant dismissed out of the Pomona and Bellflower Courts. In the Pomona Court case, the warrant was for five years. IN the Bellflower case, the warrant was one year old. The warrant in Pomona was for a embezzlement and theft case, and the Bellflower case was for a petty theft. In both cases, we went in without the client, filed a motion for a speedy trial violation and was able to get it granted by the court.

If I hire a lawyer, do I have to go to court to recall the warrant?

Often times we can recall a misdemeanor warrant without the client present. Our office has successfully recalled warrants on a regular basis.

Can I retain your office to represent me and to recall the warrant?

Yes. Our Bench Warrant Criminal Defense Lawyers have the experience and knowledge to recall your bench warrant successfully.

We are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may speak to a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney by calling us toll free at 1-866- 548-2529 or at (626) 975-2080. Call us today because we can help you at this very moment.